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Define, develop, and distribute your story

We can help from start to finish or wherever you need the most help along the way. Our team has expertise in three areas to help ensure your message is heard.


Brand Creation & Definition
A brand is only as good as the impact it has on your audience, customers, or donors. Not only did we literally write the book on branding, but our strategy reflects your unique mission, story, and purpose.

Media Planning
Assessing your overall vision for communication, we create strategies that will reach the largest possible audience on the right platforms with your unique message.

Web & Social Media Strategy
In this digital generation, web design and social media are critical elements for impacting culture. We extend your brand and vision into a compelling and effective web and social media strategy.

New Product Development
Our experience with books, small group resources, television offers, media, and other products will help expand your reach.


Team Development and Media Training
Training your in-house staff and media team to be effectively equipped in a media driven culture.

Programming & Live Streaming
Utilizing our decades of experience to coach your team through successful broadcast television, live-stream and video production projects.

With your big picture in mind, we maximize all avenues to tell a story to the right audience.

Crisis Public Relations
Word travels fast in a digitally social world. Every organization needs to have a communication strategy in the event of a crisis.

Navigating you through today’s rapidly changing publishing environment to help your book idea become a reality.

Direct Response
Does your media connect with audiences, and do they respond? For Christian and nonprofit clients, donor development and fundraising is a critical element of your success.


TV & Video Production
Cooke Pictures has been involved in producing the most watched inspirational TV programs in history – period.  So why would you partner with anyone else?

Feature Documentaries (Long and Short Form)
From PBS special programming to theatrical documentaries, we understand how to tell your story to a wide audience.

Vision Casting/Donor Development Films and Scripts
Short video presentations are one of the most effective marketing and fundraising tools in the world. We’ve produced them for amazing organizations and campaigns, so we know how to move your audience.

Commercial Campaigns
We’ve produced more than a thousand television commercials, and understand what it takes to make people notice and respond.

Promo Videos and Sizzle Reels
Sometimes, it takes a promotional or “sizzle” reel to generate excitement for your bigger project. We love creating surprising teaser presentations that not only get people’s attention, but close the deal in the mind of your investor or donor.

Broadcast Open, Close, and Graphic Packages
We’ve created, produced, and collaborated with the largest media ministries and nonprofit media outreaches of our time to create memorable program opens, closes, and graphic designs.