Production - Strategy - Consulting

Phil Cooke
Co-Founder & President

Phil Cooke co-founded Cooke Pictures in 1991. He's produced and directed film and television programming in more than fifty countries, and has been influential in shaping the stories of some of the most successful nonprofit and ministry organizations of our time. He's been called "the only working producer in Hollywood with a Ph.D. in Theology," and "One of the most innovative communicators of our generation."

Kathleen Cooke
Co-Founder & VIce President

Founding partner & Vice President at Cooke Pictures, Kathleen is an award-winning actress who casts our media projects & is a key creative leader. She's a national speaker and adjunct professor focusing on developing entertainment internship programs for various universities. She's on the advisory board for the Hollywood Prayer Network & is the director for the West Coast/Hollywood chapter of Christian Women In Media Association.

Dan Wathen
Executive Producer

With more than two decades in media, Dan Wathen has worked with many of today's largest churches, ministries, nonprofits and production companies with a particular expertise in large, multi-camera television events. Dan specializes in working with a wide range of teams helping them connect better with their audience. Every organization and company has a story to tell, and making that story clear is essential. Dan speaks to groups challenging them to be uniquely creative when producing content.

Dawn Nicole Baldwin
Lead Brand Strategist

Dawn has a passion for helping our clients reach people more effectively. Along with Aspire One - a branding firm she co-founded almost 20 years ago, she's the lead brand strategist for Cooke Pictures. She speaks at conferences nationwide, guest lectured at the University of Chicago's graduate school of business and is considered one of the leading experts on branding and marketing for nonprofits.

Brad Knull
Producer & Director

Brad’s work has spanned the gamut of media projects, from producing a feature film which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, to productions for Fortune 50 companies like Verizon and TV shows for producers like The Jim Henson Company. But his real passion lies in non-fiction filmmaking. In the past two years Brad has worked on five continents where his deep expertise in creative development, emotional storytelling, and directing for volatile situations have been put to the test.

Wendy Wong
Digital Strategist & Project Manager

Wendy joined Cooke Pictures after working for a major digital influencer with a combined 14M+ social network audience. With Cooke Pictures, Wendy is helping our clients develop social media strategies that tell their stories effectively. Wendy's vision is to leverage her experience in the digital space to help churches, ministries, and non-profits create strategies that are relevant to how the digital generation interact and connect, thus providing the best opportunity for reach an audience.

Our mission is helping your mission find a bigger audience.

We are hired by churches, ministry leaders, and nonprofit organizations to help them communicate their message more effectively - and to a far bigger audience.  We can help you define your brand and identity, develop a strategy for making an impact in today's culture, and create the media projects to tell that story.  And if you already have a communications or media team in place, we can teach that team how to reach your community - or the greater culture with your message.  

There are others who can create brands, develop strategies, and produce media projects. Our difference is creating a plan to move your audience to action.

Cooke Pictures specializes in creating media that inspires faith, confronts social issues, and generates emotion.  It’s as simple as that. Anyone can share information. But if you want to inspire and motivate your audience, then call us. We'll show you how to make the kind of impact that can change people’s lives.

The Bottom Line?  Our work gets results.