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We’ve filmed violent gangs in South America, human traffickers in Eastern Europe, government overthrows in Africa, and created media strategies for many of the largest and most effective organizations in the world.

When it comes to helping our partners tell their story in a compelling way, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure their messages are heard.


Production - Promotional video
USA Network & Grace Hill Media

Our team partnered with Grace Hill Media and the USA Network to promote Super Bowl legend Kurt Warner’s TV series, “The Moment.” The resulting video campaign asked churches across the country, “How could you help people in your community find a second chance?”

Strategy - Brand & product re-positioning
IMB : Kids On Mission

Kids On Mission produces valuable tools and resources to help churches get kids excited about serving others. But they were struggling with the financial model, targeting the wrong types of people, and were limited in their reach. Our team learned what churches valued most, restructured the pricing model, and discovered new markets the ministry was well-equipped to serve, setting them on a new path for growth.

Consulting - Media consulting & coaching
Calvary Church, NC

Calvary is a growing church known for the respected teaching ministry of Pastor John Munro. Our consultants teamed up with church leadership to understand perceptions in the community, and target online platforms to reach that community. In the process, we helped them be more effective in capturing their services on video, developing a live stream, re-thinking their website, and strengthening the church’s media team.